Athens Classic Marathon timed with MYLAPS

November 20, 2013

On Sunday the 10th of November the 31st Athens Classic Marathon took place. A record number of more than 11,000 marathon runners from around 100 nations have entered this year’s edition.

The birth of the marathon dates back to 490 BC with the story of a messenger: Pheidippides is said to have run from Marathon to Athens, bearing news of victory against the invading Persians, but collapsed and died on arrival, crying out: "Rejoice, for we have conquered." It was this story that led to the inclusion of the marathon in the 1896 Olympics.

The male winner in the marathon distance race is Yego Hillary Kipkogei (KEN) in a time of 2:13:50. The female winner in the marathon distance is Rotich Otich Nancy Joan (KEN) in a time of 2:41:31.

This year’s edition the timing was performed with the MYLAPS BibTag timing system and the timing was in the hands of our MYLAPS Partner Nikos Polias and his team.

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