Horst Dohm Ice Stadium equipped with MYLAPS ProChip

February 28, 2014

The ice skating ring of Berlin (GER) is the Horst Dohm Ice Stadium and since a few weeks it is equipped with a MYLAPS ProChip Practice installation. So all skaters with a MYLAPS ProChip on their ankle can check out their training lap times online once they finished their training sessions on the ice.

The Horst Dohm Ice Stadium hosted the 6th edition of the Team Time Trial on the 22nd of February. This event is organized by the Berlin Skating Club, BSV92. In the event 15 teams participated. Each team has on average 4 team members. Thanks to our MYLAPS Partner Alexander Stäudle of MAXX Timing who has made the timing possible.

For an extensive report by the BSV92 of the event, please click here. Please note that this is just available in German.

To check out the final results, please click here.