Timing Systems

Technology has made sports timing accurate, reliable and undisputable. MYLAPS Sports Timing offers innovative systems that are easy to set up and simple to manage. Here you can find an overview of the systems most used by professional sports timers, event organizers and track owners.

  • X2 System

    The X2 system is the next generation MYLAPS platform and offers extensive insights in race activity, track status and system performance.

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  • BibTag Timing System

    Designed to minimize logistics and optimize the sports experience, this system consists of disposable bibs with integrated timing tags. Ideal for mass running.

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  • MX Timing System

    Timing systems for rough sports need to be accurate as well as sturdy. The MX Timing System operates in mud and snow and is used in MX, snowcross & more.

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  • RC Timing System

    The MYLAPS RC4 Timing System measures lap times, connected voltage and ambient car temperature and can be used for indoor and outdoor RC races.

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  • Kart Timing System

    The Kart Timing System helps you to set up entry lists, determine rankings and measure lap times for Kart races, practices and qualification runs.

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  • ChampionChip Timing System

    This system is developed for mass events, allows the measurements of netto times and manages a high density of competitors in marathons and more.

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  • ProChip Timing System

    With this system you can create entry lists, measure times, determine rankings and publish results. Used in cycling, running, triathlon, skating and swimming.

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  • TimePoint System

    A TimePoint System at your public sports will increase the sports experience for visiting athletes.

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  • MX Noise Management

    Noise Management is a fully automated system for motocross circuits that continuously measures noise emission.

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  • Professional racing

    MYLAPS X2 Pro is the most advanced data platform for car/bike, karting and motocross racing. It offers an intuitive system based on 2-way communication.

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