Running is part of everyday life for many people all over the world. The ChampionChip can be used at numerous running events and triathlons worldwide*.


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How does it work?

The course has a MYLAPS system installed. Timing mats are placed at the start and finish lines, and optionally at intermediate points. Every time you cross one of these points, your time is measured.

*Ask your club or race organization if MYLAPS ChampionChips are supported.

Your data

Your event results will be uploaded by the race organizer. You can check, analyze and share your results on or the event’s website.

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Help and support

Do you have any questions ? Take a look at our FAQ.


More Information

Easy to use
The lightweight ChampionChip can be easily attached to your shoelace or ankle. ChampionChips are waterproof so they can be used for sports that involve water, such as triathlons. Be sure to check with the event organizer whether the use of ChampionChips is supported at the race you participate in.

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