Detection loops are the antennas for the system. They receive signals from passing transponders and pass them on to the decoders. Here you can find a variety of additional detection loops, with or without coax cables.

  • Loop (20m/65ft) and coax (20m/65ft)

  • Loop (20m/65ft) and coax (50m/165ft)

  • Loop (20m/65ft) and coax (100m/330ft)

  • Detection Loop 20m (wire only)

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The detection loop is 20 meters (65 ft) wide, enough to cover every track's width. The detection loop wire is a sealed in-line 470 ohm resistor. 

The coax cables that come with the loops are double-shielded. 

*  Please note that the detection loops featured above are compatible with Car/Bike, Kart, MX and RC timing systems only.

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