Getting to know a track is the key to better performance in MX racing. And there’s only one way to know whether you have mastered corners and hills; measuring your lap times. Our MX transponders track your times to the millisecond and can be used in all forms of motocross racing including enduro, quad, snowmobile and lawnmower racing.

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How does it work?

The track you’re racing on has a MYLAPS system installed at the start and finish line and at intermediate points along the track. The system picks up the signal sent out by the transponder mounted on your bike. This signal is analyzed and lap times are measured. The system knows exactly on which lap you are and what your position is. This data is passed on to race officials and is published to your personal MYLAPS account on

*Ask your club or race organization if they support MYLAPS transponders.

Your personal data

Your training and event results are uploaded by the track's system or race officials. You can check, analyze and share your performance data on your personal account online. Simply create a personal account online and register your transponder.

Help and support

Do you need help with your device or with registering your transponder online? Please check for answers in our FAQ.



Easy to set up and maintain
Your transponder is easily installed by using the holder and clip. The maximum height should not exceed 120 cm (4 ft) above the ground. MX transponders are rechargeable: a full charge takes approximately 16 hours. A fully charged transponder will easily get you through a race weekend. It will keep working for a minimum of 4 days. As an MX racer, you’ll probably get your transponder dirty. Simply clean it with a damp cloth and lukewarm water. Use a cotton tip to carefully clean the connector pins.

Warranty included
You will receive a standard 3-year warranty on your transponder. Should a problem occur during normal use - as described in the manual - we’ll fix or replace your transponder for free during these three years. See terms and conditions for more information.

Warranty & insurance

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