The MYLAPS registration tool offers timers, events and athletes the best and easiest way of handling everything that comes with athlete registration for running events.


  • Integration of the MYLAPS registration tool, MYLAPS timing and MYLAPS SportsFlash offers a complete solution that offers a clean database as all data is managed in one single place; safe handling and high-quality data is ensured
  • Offering the extra service of registration generates money
  • No initial fees
  • A more competitive position, as EventManager brings a completely new level of services

MYLAPS Registration tool powered by RacePartner

  • RacePartner™ offers a well-known and highly valued registration tool
  • Fast and easy registration
  • Volunteer management
  • Onsite and Expo registration
  • Customizable registration forms
  • Dealing with promotional features, including mailings and additional race gadgets such as personalized running shirts or lanyards
  • Donation handling

How does it work?

A timer sells the registration service to an event. The event tells the timer what information exactly is needed for the registration form. This usually includes parameters such as name and age info, but can also include information on whether or not to order a custom running shirt or make a donation. The timer then creates a registration form and athletes can subscribe to the event, via the form.

Event and timer can use the collected athlete data to create reports, for instance on number of subscriptions, the total amount of money donated to support your good cause, number of running shirts to be ordered and more. The data can also be used to send mailings to the athletes.

1st and 2nd line support to athletes are handled by the event and the timer; when necessary, MYLAPS is always available for 3rd line support.


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