System components

BibTag Timing System



The BibTag is attached to the runners BIB number and sends out a unique signal.

Detection mats

Detection mats are placed at the start and finish and intermediate time points. The mats serve as the systems antennas and detect the signals send out by the BibTags. We offer modular mats that allow you to create timing locations between 1 and 8 meters wide.

BibTag Decoder

BibTag Portable Decoder

The decoder is attached to the mats and decodes the BibTag signals into the athletes IDs and their measured times. Portable decoders have an integrated battery and can measure up to 50 BibTag passings per second. The system is especially designed for mass events and can handle a high density of athletes.

Start button

The Start Button is an easy to use add-on for your BibTag system. The button creates a gunshot start in your Toolkit software to mark the start of your race. Simply plug the cable into your BibTag decoder and you are good to go. Start a race with up to four BibTag systems simultaneously with the MYLAPS Start Button.

  • One click accurately starts multiple BibTag systems
  • A single person can start all systems at the same time
  • Works with all possible set-ups (using an additional splitter and extra long cable)

BibTag USB Reader

The MYLAPS USB Reader is the perfect device for scanning BibTags. The reader can be used to check if the athlete data is entered correctly, to check whether an athlete registered for the correct race or picks up the correct size T-shirt after the race. With the reader’s USB connection it can be attached to a computer. This enables you to quickly set it up and show the selected information on the screen.

  • Plug and play
  • Travel size
  • Comes in a secure travel case

Timing software

The MYLAPS Toolkit is the all-in-one software solution that allows managing race data and to configure, operate and maintain all system components.



We understand that timing systems are vital to the success of any race. Therefore we have a dedicated support team to provide 24/7 service.