Event Organizers and Timekeepers

Timekeeping is a challenging task and absolutely vital to the success of any race. Organizers need to know things will run smoothly in every respect. Our timing systems are designed to minimize logistics and to optimize the sporting experience for event organizers and timers as well as for participants. They are also reliable, easy to use and simple to manage, and guarantee undisputed results.

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Turn a good event into a great one

Whether the goal is to win races or set personal bests, the success of an event depends on the participants´ experience. We help organizers and timers turn a good event into a great one by offering reliable timing systems. “Event timing used to be a headache for organizers and event timers,” says Mark Young, official timer for the Youth Tour of Scotland. He tells us how he found his medicine in transponder timing.

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Specialized timing systems

Because each sport and event has its own requirements, we have developed specialized timing systems. Our systems handle all kinds of events, from high speed to high density, from club level to professional races. We offer a series of additional services to fit your particular needs, such as timing and registration software.

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Having peace of mind is invaluable

Jon Krupa is president of Sports Management Associates Inc., one of the premier event timers in the business. Sports Management Associates Inc. delivers timing and services to many US based events, including the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k. Moreover, they are the lead timer for the Boston Marathon with a great crew of other timing companies supporting them.

Sports Management Associates Inc. recently decided to switch solely to MYLAPS equipment. Jon Krupa explains why.

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