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Add value to your track, course or public sports area with a fully automated, permanently installed timing system. This will provide feedback on performance, such as total laps and lap times. Results can be uploaded to and published on on-site scoreboards. Insight into results will enhance performance and encourage sports participation.

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Technological must have

Technological improvements are invaluable for race tracks and circuits. It is not only the facilities that are offered or the number of corners that matter, but technology inside the tarmac can make all the difference for racers as well.
One of Europe´s young and highly ambitious circuits is the Slovakia Ring. The track´s manager, Ladislav Snegon, explains what technique means for him and his track.

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Permanent and fully automated timing system

Connected to the Internet and a scoreboard along the track or course, the system is able to publish results immediately on-site and online. Athletes and racers can create a personal account on to analyze and share their performance data. The system is equipped with a permanent practice mode, but can also be used for the professional timing of events.

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Feedback on performance

Athletes and racers know that practice makes perfect. They will choose to use tracks or sports areas where they are offered the opportunity to time their practice runs. The feedback provided on results gives valuable insight into their performance. With our systems, you can incorporate timing technology into your track or landscape. They are easy to set up and manage.

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