Live Timing plug-in

Real time and online presentation of event timing.

The exclusive MYLAPS Live Timing plug-in* offers the possibility to stream real-time race data during the event. Via a special URL you are able to share live times from the track with everyone. This allows spectators, teams, coaches etc. to follow the competition live in front of a computer anywhere, everywhere.

 MYLAPS Live Timing plug-in

MYLAPS Live Timing includes

  • Position 
  • Number of laps completed
  • Total time
  • Lap time
  • 2nd Last time
  • 3rd Last time
  • Best time (in lap)
  • Difference
  • Gap
  • Announcements
  • Nationality

*The plug-in requires Orbits 4 or Orbits 5 and an internet connection at the track. The easy-to-use plug-in is subscription based.

Orbits 5 - The simplest way to publish live race data

Orbits 5 is a complete and user-friendly software package, which works exclusively with the new X2 system. The software covers all aspects of timing, from setting up the event and importing registrations to online resultspublishing and handling championship standings.

Orbits 5 includes easy to use wizards which will assist you with quick start up and customizing details to fit your preferences. One of the great benefits is the software’s versatility: it can be used for car and motorbike racing, kart races, MX and more.