The BibTag Club system for schools and sports clubs

The perfect timing system for training sessions and small running events


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Keeping track of progress

With the BibTag Club system, you can keep track of runners’ progress during training sessions. Simply set up the system before the training starts, equip the runners with a tag and you’re good to go! You get access to an online overview with lap times so you can see runners improve over time.

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Timing your own running races

The BibTag Club system can be used for timekeeping at small events (up to 250 participants). The easy-to-use software can be used to create start lists and publish the results – directly after the finish.

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The easy DIY timing system

BibTag Club SetupThe MYLAPS BibTag Club system is optimized for sports clubs and schools. You don’t need a professional to set up the system and create results, the system is created with ease of use in mind. It uses the trusted BibTag System hardware.

The BibTag Club system includes:

  • Professional decoder
  • 4-meter wide detection mat set-up
  • Timing & Scoring software
  • Durable and reusable tags (up to 250)


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BibTag Club is based on the BibTag system

BibTag System

Timing at a race is a challenging task. The MYLAPS BibTag System is designed to minimize logistics and is extremely user-friendly for participants. It is the world’s standard in timing systems with just a single tag attached to the bib number.

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