BibTag Usage

We introduced a new and flexible pay per use model, called BibTag Usage. BibTag Usage ensures you will only pay for BibTags that are actually used during your events.

BibTag Usage: Monetize your no-shows

BibTag Usage guarantees:

  • only pay for tags used during your event*
  • pay before or after your event
  • manage your stock and short term requests by printing your own tags
  • expand your portfolio with the new reusable MultiSports Tag

*depending on the option you choose


How does BibTag Usage work?

The BibTag Usage model explained in three simple steps.

1. Pre-Event

  • Order or print tags
  • Choose payment option
  • Create race in Timing & Scoring

2. Race day

  • Time your race
  • Create results

3. Post-Event

  • Sync and check usage
  • Receive invoice




  • Order or Print your own tags

Order your tags via MYLAPS, either via the online Partner Portal or via your account manager. With the introduction of BibTag Usage, you are also able to easily print your own tags. Printing your own tags through your BibTag Printer will allow you to serve your events with last minute registrations and to manage your stock.

  • Choose the payment option which suits your business model best

BibTag Usage offers 3 payment options.

  • Pre-paid: pay both the hardware and usage fee over the tags ordered upfront. The usage fee will automatically be added as ‘usage credits’ to your account. Only tags used during your event will be deducted from these credits. You will receive 3% additional Usage Credits with every order. For example, if you order 100 tags under this option, 103 credits will be added to your account.
  • Post-paid: only pay the hardware fee upfront, the usage fee will be automatically calculated after the event based on the actual usage.
  • Flat-fee: the hardware and usage fees are both paid upfront and there is no accounting for actual usage. Flat-fee tags are offered with standard 15% no-show discount. First-time use of tags is included, re-use of tags will be invoiced according regular usage.
  • Create event in Timing & Scoring

Simply create your event in the free-of-charge timing module of our Timing & Scoring software.


Race day


  • Timing your race

Set up the system and time your race with Timing & Scoring. All start, intermediate and finish passings will automatically be registered. You can easily keep track on the progress of your race with the Timing module.

  • Create and publish race results

Your usage will be processed and presented to you on a monthly basis. You will have access to extensive insights into your events and corresponding usage via an online Usage Account.




 Sync usage

Sync your BibTag Decoders automatically during or after the event, with a single push of a button. Syncing your decoders will result in a clear overview of your actual usage.

  • Your usage invoice

Your usage will be processed and presented to you on a monthly basis. Via the Partner Portal you will have access to extensive insights into your events and corresponding usage.

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