SeatPost Tag

The SeatPost Tag is the most elegant cycling tag in the industry. It's designed to be user-friendly, accurate and according to the proven BibTag technology. Only compatible with SideAntennas.

MYLAPS SeatPost Tags

The MYLAPS SeatPost Tag is a reliable UHF timing solution that improves safety and handling time. Instead of timing with mats, the SeatPost Tag is detected by SideAntennas, which makes the road free from obstacles for timing and therefore improves the safety of the cyclists. The SeatPost Tag is easy to use, elegant and accurate.

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Why the SeatPost Tag?

The MYLAPS SeatPost Tag is designed to minimize logistics and is extremely user-friendly for participants. It is a big improvement to the safety of cyclist and compatible with the world’s standard in timing systems, the BibTag system.

Why the SeatPost Tag?

  • Tag with race number
  • Easy to use and without trace attachable to the bike
  • Disposable and with easy handling for event organizer
  • Times accurately with SideAntenna
  • Compatible with Bibtag system

Pro’s of the SeatPost Tag in combination with the SideAntenna and BibTag system:

  • No more obstacles on the road so safe passages for both cyclists and security services are ensured.
  • Accurate timing because of strong reception in the SideAntenna.
  • SideAntennas can cover roads up to 8 meters wide.
  • Compatible with BibTag systems.
  • Works perfectly with our apps and services.
  • The highest read-rates in the industry.

The SeatPost Tag setup

The MYLAPS SeatPost Tag is compatible with the BibTag System and the SideAntennas. Get the following setup for an optimal timing result:


For a good setup you need two SideAntennas per timing point:


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