The UHF timing solution with 1 tag and a thin spacer to save on expo space and shipping costs. The MYLAPS ThinTag is unique in the sports market and uses patented technology by MYLAPS.


The MYLAPS ThinTag is a reliable UHF timing solution that reduces handling and shipping cost because of a very thin (2mm) design. The ThinTag uses a spacer that is made of spongy material that only expands when it absorbs fluids. This technology is unique in the market and patented by MYLAPS.



The ThinTag spacers have a new improved adhesive layer. The rolls on which ThinTags are shipped have the spacer already applied. Should you have a ThinTag printer, you can print and encode the tag yourself without the need to apply the spacers after the process.



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ThinTag Printing

The MYLAPS ThinTag Printer offers you the option to print your own ThinTags whenever you need them. The printer itself is a specially configured Toshiba Printer that comes with MYLAPS printer software.


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