Thousands of athletes from all over the world own a ChampionChip and the system is being used at numerous events throughout the world.

ChampionChips for every situation

Thousands of athletes from all over the world own a personal chip and are familiar with the system. Next to the privately owned yellow ChampionChips there is a variety of other chip options available:

  • Green rental chips. Owned by an event or a timekeeper, these chips can be rented out to athletes for a longer period of time.
  • White rental chips. Similar to the green chips, the white ChampionChips are owned by events or timekeepers and are rented out to athletes. The main difference are that white chips can be rented out to athletes for one single event only, and are to be returned to the owner (the event or timekeeper) after the event..
  • Yellow logo chips. Logo chips are similar to the classic yellow ChampionChip, but can be customized with a doming sticker on the front side. This sticker can be personalized to the event’s branding, giving a unique touch to the chip.

Attached to the athlete’s foot, the ChampionChip sends a unique Low-frequency signal to the detection mats to:

  • Identify the runner
  • Record the exact time at the moment the runner passes the detection mat

Specs for the ChampionChip

  • Weight: 3.3 gram
  • Size: 37 x 10mm
  • Detection height: max. 60 cm
  • detection speed: 40km/h


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