6 reasons why you should get your own white label EventApp

The best way to promote your event and to offer your athletes and fans the best event experience is via your own white label EventApp. Here are 6 reasons why you should get your own white label EventApp.
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1.Most complete feature set

Full native design for the best user experience which is unmatched in the industry. With LiveTracking and LiveRanking users can follow their favourite athlete and compare how they perform compared to the rest of the field. Features like LiveVideo Streaming and Selfies help enhance the engagement and your sponsor value. Per September 2017 LivePhoto will officially be released giving you the opportunity to see live photos of all your athletes integrated in your EventApp.

2. Full control of your EventApp

The EventApp comes with a powerful and easy to use management tool to help you communicate with your event followers.
Take full control of your communication with push notifications and add new content to your EventApp with a few simple clicks.


3. Online engagement

Get your athletes and spectators engaged on site during race day or all over the world. Events using the MYLAPS EventApp have connected with app users in over 60 countries.
This results in a high social reach and a desired international exposure for their main sponsors.


4. Digital sponsorship activations

The MYLAPS EventApp offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities. From branding to digital sponsorship activations, the EventApp has it all.
Get your users engaged with Selfies or easily integrate our new PhotoVideo solution.


5. Marketing platform

A white label EventApp gives you the benefit to communicate with your users 1-on-1. We provide you with a dedicated platform. Your event and your sponsors benefit of the exposure, page views and time spent in your app by your users.

Why would you promote an app of someone else with other events with possible conflicting sponsor interests?


6. User experience

Our full native design gives your users the best end-user experience. The user ratings prove the success of the App. We published over 300 EventApps and the users have rated our App with an average of 4,18 out of 5 in the Google Play store! This is possible because of our dedicated Event Team that makes your app happen: we help you prepare, we offer live tracking monitoring and a complete knowledge base with tips and tricks


In 2017 we developed 179 unique EventApps for events all over the world, which were all approved and published by the App Store and Google Play.
Over the last few weeks more than 15 EventApps were successfully published in the App Store and 0 rejections. Our app development team will monitor, as usual, all updates in the app stores.


Our team

We are proud of delivering consistent quality. All our EventApps are unique and with our powerful back-end we give events the opportunity to stand out from their competition.
All our EventApps are built, submitted and updated by our dedicated event services team. No bot or automated process comes in to place.


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