Clubs & federations

Automated sports timing systems helps federations and clubs standardizing and comparing results.

Practice makes perfect

Automated sports timing systems can be a great help to clubs & federations to standardize and compare their members’ race results. We offer timing solutions to keep track of all rankings during a season. Our systems also support training efforts for individual club members, providing them with greater insight into their performance.

Technology has upped the game for sports worldwide. Thousands of clubs & federations that previously relied on stopwatches have now incorporated automated timing systems to enhance their members’ sport experience. Insight into performance data will eventually enhance their performances.

Bring club events to the next level

For a successful club event, it is important to have an undisputed timing method that determines all members’ race results and ultimately designates the winner. Our timing systems not only meet this challenge, but will also allow you to measure all practice results during club training sessions. These results can be published on scoreboards along the track and uploaded to for members to analyze and share.

Systems for Clubs & Federations


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