Timekeeping is a challenging task and vital to the success of any race. Sports are enjoyed all over the world. Whether people cycle, run, race cars or bikes or anything else; they want to know how they did.


Turn a good event into a great one

Timekeeping is a challenging task and absolutely vital to the success of any race. Organizers need to be sure that things will run smoothly in every respect. Our timing systems are designed to minimize logistics and to optimize the sporting experience for event organizers, timers and participants. Our systems are reliable, easy to use and simple to manage, and guarantee undisputed results.

Specialized timing systems

Because each sport and event has its own requirements, we have developed specialized timing systems. Our systems handle all kinds of events, from high speed to high density, from club level to professional races. We offer a series of additional services to fit your particular needs, such as online registration, timing and scoring software and online results publication.

Timing & Data Systems for Timers


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