The Olympics and MYLAPS

The world’s greatest sports event is currently underway: the Olympics!
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The world´s greatest sports event: the Olympics

The world’s greatest sports event is currently underway: the Olympics. This huge and amazing event, with over 10.000 top athletes from all over the world, has already featured many great races with exhilarating finishes and spectacular winners.

Our partner Swiss Timing has been the timing partner of choice for the organizing committee for many years. At events in which the winner is determined by time, Swiss Timing is on the spot to measure those times.
At many of these races, the athletes rely upon our equipment. For all cycling events – road and track cycling, MTB and BMX for instance, the ProChip is being used. When you are watching one of these events, take a look at each bicycle’s front fork: you will clearly see the red ProChip!

The Olympic Triathlon and Marathon Swimming also make use of the same ProChips. In the triathlon, the athletes wear an ankle strap with the chip attached to it, and the Marathon Swimmers wear one on each wrist – also with a strap. And, also in many disciplines at the athletics MYLAPS equipment is used by every athlete.

We are proud to be a part of the Olympics and we want to congratulate all athletes, coaches and officials on site with this huge event! Should you be interested in an ‘Olympic’ timing system for your sports club, federation or event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. With offices around the globe, we are always nearby.

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