Update your Timing & Scoring and BibTag Firmware

We'd like to inform you that for both the Timing & Scoring software and the BibTag Decoder Firmware we have an update available.

Timing & Scoring version 2.7 and BibTag Firmware version 4.8 released 1

We recommend you to update your Timing & Scoring software to version 2.7 and your BibTag Decoder Firmware to version 4.8, to make sure you don’t run into any issues on race day. You can update both releases independently.

Please find the download links, instructions and release notes below.

Timing & Scoring version 2.7
A new version of Timing & Scoring is available. We recommend to update your Timing & Scoring software to version 2.7 to make sure you don’t run into any issues on race day.

The biggest change is that we now have a version for Timing Only and the full Timing & Scoring functionality.

Download Timing Only and Timing & Scoring version 2.7 below:

Download Timing Only 2.7 Download Timing & Scoring 2.7


What’s new in this version?

Changes in version 2.7 compared to Timing & Scoring 2.6.3:

  • The HandReader is now supported in Timing & Scoring
  • Two different installers will be available to be installed on your computer: one to install Timing Only functionalities and another for full Timing & Scoring functionalities.
  • GUI doesn’t freeze when the TCP/IP exporter has a huge number of passings in the queue and the server is not sending confirmation messages.
  • The TCP/IP exporter now accepts $ as the end of a message character (as indicated in the TPC/IP protocol).
  • A bug is solved where, in some cases, the internal database from previous Timing & Scoring versions isn’t recovered.
    • Internal Timing & Scoring database has been changed and it is not compatible with previous versions. That means:
      You can’t open an ‘.event’ file created in Timing & Scoring 2.7.0 with any of the previous versions.
    • If you open an ‘.event’ file created in a previous version using Timing & Scoring 2.7.0, the system will convert the internal database to the newest version and a pop up message will be shown on the screen. In this case, you should decide if you want to maintain a copy of the old file (to be able to open with previous versions of Timing & Scoring) or overwrite the original file with the new version (in that case you won’t be able to open that file with an old Timing & Scoring version).

The complete release notes can be found in the Partner Portal and are included in the download package along with the installer and an updated manual.

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