Every event organization and timer strives to offer an unique experience to it's participants, followers and sponsors. With LiveTracking, nicely displayed results, selfies and LivePhotos you bring your event experience to the next level. All with your own branding and with MYLAPS quality and support.

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Offer your participants and spectators the best event experience with live tracking. Or engage and support your athletes with push notifications. All of this and many more in your own branding to maximize the visibility and reach of your sponsors.

Sporthive Live or EventApp

Whether you’re organizing or timing a big or small event you can offer your participants and fans a great event experience by creating your own EventApp. We have 2 options based on the number of participants of your event and your choice of integration; the Sporthive Live embed and the whitelabel EventApp. Choose the solutions that fits you best.

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Offer your participants and spectators the best event experience with live tracking! Or engage and support your athletes with the latest social features based on live race data. All of this and many more in your own branding to maximize the visibility and reach of your sponsors.


  • Your own logo on users’ devices
  • Customize your own app
  • Your own branding & content
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Remote Race monitoring
  • EventApp Analytics Report
  • Geofencing (coming soon)
  • Role selector
  • Event can be found in App stores
  • SeriesApp & TimerApps option

Sporthive Live

Sporthive Live contains multiple events worldwide and has all features of the current EventApp: LiveTracking, LiveRanking, Leaderboards, interactive course maps, Selfies etc. in your event look & feel. In the download link which you can share with your users, we have added ‘deep linking’: When opening the App, the App will automatically open your event in your own branding.

In other words, the only impact for your followers is that the App Icon on the iPhone is the Sporthive Live logo, rather than your event logo.


  • Live within 1 hour
  • Customize your own app
  • Your own branding & content
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • No need to create an Apple Developer account

App design:

  • Brand your homepage with the content you find most important.
  • Gapless tile design
  • Connect tiles to social media pages of event
  • Connect tiles to specific LIVE pages
  • Customizable Hamburger Menu
  • Customizable Call to Action button
  • Sponsor engagement options


  • LIVE Tracking
  • GPS tracking via Bib Claim
  • Push messages – Runner’s progress
  • LIVE Ranking & Provisional Ranking
  • LIVE Photo in the App (PhotoVideo)
  • LIVE Leaderboards
  • LIVE Video Streaming
  • Download App & LIVE Tracking web page


  • Selfies
  • Push Notifications
  • Analytics


  • Free Results platform
  • Results in App via Sporthive Results
  • Event Photos (PhotoVideo)




Allow friends and family to track real-time activities and progress of athletes during the race and increase the social reach of your event using LiveTracking. Additionally use LiveTracking to improve safety by monitoring the field of participants during the race.

LiveTracking in action

In the MYLAPS EventApp all athletes can be tracked real-time. There is nothing the athletes have to do extra in order for his fans to follow them. Simply start the race, enjoy the experience and MYLAPS will do the rest. Live tracking is available for all sports. For multi sport events such as triathlons, duathlons and all other formats the MultiSports EventApp is your choice.

LiveTracking offers

  • Online map with live position of participants
  • Live position updates
  • Live leaderboard
  • Predicted finish times
  • Supports accurate GPS location tracking when used in combination with the EventApp
  • Live overview of the timeline passings via the easy to use content management system
  • Improving safety by monitoring the field of participants via the CMS

LiveTracking is available via the MYLAPS EventApp or as a standalone website (mobile friendly).

Sponsor Value

Offer your event sponsors a digital platform to activate sponsorships. The MYLAPS EventApp offers a wide variety of options for prominent sponsor placement and social activations.

The first impression

You only have one shot to make a first impression. On iOS the splash screen is your first impression. Add an inspiring picture of your event and include your event logo with title sponsors. The splash screen will be visible for 2 to 4 seconds and visible when users open the event app.

LiveTracking branding

The average session time by a user of our event app varies between 12 to 16 minutes. The majority of that time users spend with the LiveTracking feature. Incorporate your sponsors to the LiveTracking screen and offer maximum visibility for your sponsors. Next to the general live tracking screen also the individual progress pages of the participants are branded.

Branded selfies

Activate sponsorships in a social way, Selfies will help you achieve that goal. Minimum efforts, maximum engagement, exposure and excitement!

++ EventApp (Act) 1

Shareable selfies

Add more fun to your event and your EventApp. Get your athletes and spectators more engaged and help them share their event experience!

When EventApp users take their Selfie they have the option to share their Selfie with the event. When authorized you can use these pictures for marketing purposes. Help your sponsors to activate their sponsorship in a fun and interactive way!

On the left: this is how other events engaged with their fans and helped their sponsors to activate their sponsorships.


Add value to your participants and event-followers by adding the Live Photo feature to your EventApp. The PhotoVideo integration it possible to broadcast Live Photos that are taken during the event to the fans of the participants in the app.

You will get more engagement during the event and encourage people to share the content. Make it for people to visit your app and follow your participants.

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