End of life products

This page presents an overview of MYLAPS products that are no longer being sold and might not be supported. Click on the product link -when available- for more information.

  • End of sales: Products are no longer available for sales
  • End of Support: Products do not receive maintenance updates and product is no longer managed by the support channels
  • End of Service: Products cannot be repaired

5.000 人以下225,000 円+175,000 円
5.000 人- 10.000 人 380,000 円+ 300,000 円
10.000 人- 20.000 人 680,000 円+ 480,000 円
20.000 人- 30.000 人1,000,000 円+ 700,000 円
30.000 人- 40.000 人1,375,000 円+ 900,000 円
40.000 人以上Call us
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