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Create the ultimate live experience with PhotoVideo.
A fully automated and integrated solution with existing MYLAPS timing hardware. Making it the most reliable solution available in the market. The power of platform is the easy setup and smart data handling. Making race photos and videos faster, more accurate and affordable.


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PhotoVideo Integrator

The MYLAPS PhotoVideo Integrator is the beating heart of our game changing innovation. Fully integrated with existing MYLAPS timing hardware the PhotoVideo Integrator ensures:
  • Reliable and accurate photos and videos
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Super fast and smart data handling


The MYLAPS camera ensures you will have high quality photos and videos under all circumstances. Powered over Ethernet and directly connected to the PhotoVideo Integrator it is the perfect match up. Designed for all weather conditions and sports the MYLAPS camera delivers:
  • 8 MP resolution photos
  • Full HD video recording

Setting up PhotoVideo is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Connect the PhotoVideo integrator to your timing systems and focus the plug and play automated cameras.


Live insights

2. Add a branded overlay to your photos and videos
Live and detailed monitoring via our user-friendly CMS


Boost social reach

3. Increase the engagement via EventApp, Facebook and/or event results.
Let participants automatically share photos on their personal Facebook page or make photos available live in the EventApp or in your event results for all users. Athletes and fans can select the best pictures and share them immediately. All content is branded to boost your sponsor value!


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