The ultimate LIVE experience for your event!

Use LivePhoto to boost the event experience of your athletes and fans. FREE personal photos of all participants live in your EventApp, on Facebook or on your website.

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Enhance the live experience with live photos in your own white label EventApp
Get the ultimate LIVE experience for your event!

Live Facebook photos

Boost your social reach with automated live Facebook photos. Offer free race photos and sharing for all your participants.

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Boost your page views and viewing time by adding photos and videos to your event results.
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Automated photos and videos for all athletes. Learn more about this game changing innovation and be amazed of the performance and quick and easy setup.
How it works

'Now-ism': Timing is everything!

We live ‘right here, right now’. What happened yesterday doesn’t matter anymore. Your athletes and fans want a real-time and shareable experience. Our Google Analytics statistics show that over 90% of the shared content occurs either on race day or latest the day after. Sharing only occurs when people are highly involved emotionally and when content is relevant and meaningful.
MYLAPS delivers your race day photos live or same day publication. All photos are branded the way you want and available LIVE in-app, via Facebook or blend into your event results. We help you create the ultimate real-time and shareable experience for your event!
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PhotoVideo is already available from 0,05 EUR/ USD per participant. Receive your customized offering in 24 hours or less, on business days.


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