ProChip FLEX

ProChips can be used at many different types of sports. They come with ankle strap for use at triathlons, swimming and more.


The ultimate system for high-speed elite sports

All athletes have a ProChip FLEX attached to their ankle/wrist strap or bike in order to identify each participant and to record the exact time at which they pass the start, finish and intermediate time lines. Each ProChip sends out a unique signal to the ProChip system that is embedded in the track.


The ProChip FLEX: used for many different sports

The ProChip Flex can be used for many different types of sports. They come with ankle strap for use at triathlons, swimming and more. When used at cycling events it is recommended to mount the ProChip FLEX on the bicycle’s front fork, as close as possible to the front axle, by using cable ties. ProChips can be used for:

  • Cycling events
  • Triathlon events
  • Swimming events
  • Mud and obstacle runs
  • Skiing events
  • (Ice) skating events

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Need to renew your ProChip subscription?

You need a valid subscription for your ProChip if you want to participate in races. Learn more about how to renew your ProChip subscription:

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Every MYLAPS ProChip FLEX comes with a subscription for 1, 2 or 5 years. After the initial subscription period, the subscription can be renewed.

  • Timing Resolution: 0.003 sec
  • Density: 4800 chips/minute
  • Housing: Water- and shockproof
  • Numbers available: unlimited

MYLAPS ProChips are highly durable and can even be washed in your washing machine!


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