Orbits 4 Software

MYLAPS Orbits 4 Software is a complete and extremely user-friendly software package that allows you to prepare entry lists, set up races and process, print, publish and upload results to mylaps.com.

The software for high-speed active sports

Orbits 4 Software is used for high-speed active sports, such as ice skating and inline skating. It is a complete and user-friendly software package.It includes easy to use wizards which can assist with quicker start-up and customizing to your preferences.

It takes care of:

  • Event Setup
  • Registration
  • Event timing
  • Results processing
  • Results distribution
  • Championship management

Click here for the Orbits video tutorial

Click here for the Orbits 4 SP1 DEMO

We offer several add-ons for Orbits 4, please contact us for more information and a personalized set-up.

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