Renew and activate your X2 Transponder subscription


Do you want to perform your best this season? Make sure your equipment is up to date and your transponder is activated.

For all of your race and practice results to be logged you must have an active subscription on your transponder. This requires a couple of steps you have to follow. Follow the steps below or watch the renewal instruction video to make sure you are well prepared when you start your race.



Steps to renew and activate your transponder


Part 1: Purchase a X2 Transponder subscription
  1. Log into your MYLAPS account and select your transponder under ‘Products’
  2. Select the number of years you want to add to your subscription (1, 2 or 5 years)
  3. Pay via your bank – payment can be done with CreditCard, iDeal or Sofort Uberweisung

Your subscription is now active and has to be transferred to your transponder. Without transferring the subscription, your transponder will not work!

Part 2: Activate the subscription on your transponder
  1. Start MYLAPS Connect software and log in. In case you do not have the software, click here to download
  2. Connect your X2 RaceKey to your computer
  3. Follow instructions in MYLAPS Connect
  4. Connect your X2 RaceKey to your X2 Transponder or X2 RaceKey Mount
  5. Your license is transferred to your Transponder and you’re good to go!

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support department.

To renew your subscription, go to your MYLAPS account


Renewal your transponder subscription – video




Why do you need a transponder?

  • Compatible with all MYLAPS (and AMB) timing systems
  • Unlimited warranty during subscription
  • Free access to all your personal race & practice results in your own profile in the MYLAPS Speedhive App
  • Compare your results to other racers
  • Free Live Timing – give your family and friends the opportunity to watch your race live



New Speedhive features

To enhance your race experience we are working hard on adding all kinds of new features to the MYLAPS Speedhive platform. Check out the latest features and tell us what you think!

  • Follow Event Results of other racers and get notified when their Event Results are published
  • Share your Event Results with friends & family
  • Live video and Live text commentary in Live Timing

Check out the latest features on our MYLAPS Speedhive Blog!

Or go to Speedhive


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