RC Racing

Keeping track of lap times and race positions is tough in events as fast as RC races. MYLAPS offers a timing system that is automated and optimized for RC racing. It is easy to set up and managed and can be used for indoors and outdoors for model cars and model boats. The MYLAPS RC4 timing system not only shows lap time information, but also measures performance data such as connected voltage and ambient car temperature. Results are undisputed

How to improve performances

Race events are what racers live for. MYLAPS timing systems measure lap times, count the number of laps driven and determine the winner in even the closest of finishes. They also show connected voltage and ambient car temperature. Racers can use this data to fine tune their cars and get the most out of it.

Timing & Data Solutions


Live Timing

Optimize your race experience with real-time results! Get the most out of your race event by broadcasting live race results to your fans and followers. With the new Speedhive Live Timing Web you're fully equipped for your upcoming races.

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