BibTag System

Timing at a race is a challenging task. The MYLAPS BibTag System is designed to minimize logistics and is extremely user-friendly for participants. It is the world’s standard in timing systems with just a single tag attached to the bib number.
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Main features of the BibTag System

  • Works for running, cycling and multisports events
  • Unlimited number of participants and split points
  • Modular mats can cover roads up to 16 meters wide
  • Works perfectly with our apps and services
  • The highest read-rates in the industry


“Using the BibTag System this year was a huge step forward in the Madrid Marathon’s history. From much easier registration to the use of 12 live measuring points along the circuit – MYLAPS made it happen!” Chief Timing Director from TIME RUNNERS – Emilio Cuadrado

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System components and add-ons

The BibTag system consists of hardware and software components that provide a complete timing solution.

System Components

The Detection Mats and the Portable Decoder are the heart of the system. The mats pick up the signals from the bibs and send these through to the decoder.

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The UHF timing solution with 1 tag and a thin spacer to save on expo space and shipping costs. The MYLAPS ThinTag is unique in the sports market and uses patented technology by MYLAPS.

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MYLAPS BibTags are the world's standard in sports timing tags and require only one tag attached to the bib. BibTags are easy to use, for athletes and for race organizers.

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The easiest mat in the industry is no mat at all! After years of testing and refining, MYLAPS has launched SideAntennas! MYLAPS SideAntennas are perfectly suitable for timing all sorts of active sports like running, cycling and mountain biking.

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MultiSports Tags

The MultiSports Tag is designed and optimized for triathlons and mud runs and works with the MYLAPS BibTag timing system. The tags can be worn under a wetsuit: results are guaranteed since they have 3 integrated timing tags.

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BibTag Club

The all-in-one solution for schools and universities and smaller running clubs. Timing at your club's events and training sessions is within reach with the BibTag Club System!

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BibTag Accessories

Many accessories are compatible with the BibTag System. Below you find a selection of convenient additions for expos and events. 

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Timing & Scoring

Timing a race and creating reliable results is a challenging task. Timing & Scoring Software makes sure your event will run smoothly.

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