ChampionChip System

The ChampionChip system is developed for mass events. It measures net times and manages a high density of competitors in marathons and other active mass events.

ChampionChip: the system that changed the world of sports

The introduction of the ChampionChip Timing system, now over 20 years ago, changed the world of running events. Scoring an event with the use of automated timing made the lives of event organizers, sports timers and athletes a lot easier. The system can be used for various sports disciplines, including (mass) running events, cycling, swimming and triathlons.

The system offers:

  • A complete range of chip options
  • Low-frequency timing chips
  • Lightweight foldable detection mats


System Components

For smaller events, a Portable Decoder is ideal. When timing a larger event, the Ear and Controller make the perfect combination. Read more

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Thousands of athletes from all over the world own a ChampionChip and the system is being used at numerous events throughout the world.

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Timing & Scoring

Timing a race and creating reliable results is a challenging task. Timing & Scoring Software makes sure your event will run smoothly.

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