ProChip System

The MYLAPS ProChip Timing System is fast, reliable and easy to use. The system can be used at a wide range of active sports, including cycling, running, triathlon, skating, swimming, biathlon and more.

Practice makes perfect

Races may cover great distances, but finishes can be extremely close. The ProChip system measures athletes to the millisecond and instantly determines the undisputed winner. Finishing positions for all competitors are easily published on paper, scoreboards and online.

ProChip System

Endurance sports such as running, cycling, swimming, skating and triathlon require long hours of practice. Insight into performance data will help improve performances. The ProChip system can be set up in practice mode, which allows you to run the system fully automated for practice sessions. Practice results will be uploaded to automatically. With a personal transponder, athletes can check, analyze and share their performance data on their personal online account.

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System Components

The ProChip System consists of hardware and software components that provide a complete timing solution.

ProChip Decoder & Loop

The MYLAPS ProChip decoder is the beating heart of the system. It receives passing times from the detection loop and translates this into data the software can work with.

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ProChip FLEX

ProChips can be used at many different types of sports. They come with ankle strap for use at triathlons, swimming and more.

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ProChip Timer

The ProChip Timer is the newest addition to the ProChip System. Together with the ProChip Communicator it is the fastest manageable timing chip in bulk. Try it now.

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Orbits Cycling Software

Orbits Cycling is the timing and scoring software by MYLAPS, specifically designed for cycling club races. The software can be used for multiple forms of cycling, including road cycling, mountain bike racing, track cycling and other cycling disciplines.

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Timing & Scoring

Timing a race and creating reliable results is a challenging task. Timing & Scoring Software makes sure your event will run smoothly.

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EOL – OLD! Orbits 4 Software

MYLAPS Orbits 4 Software is a complete and extremely user-friendly software package that allows you to prepare entry lists, set up races and process, print, publish and upload results to

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