BibTag Clip

The BibTagClip is the next-generation reusable tag for timing mass sports events and the sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional timing tags.

The sustainable reusable tag solution

The flat design of the BibTag Clip enables timers to efficiently store, hand out, and collect the tags before, during, and after an event.

Next to the sustainable component, the BibTagClip offers a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality. With reusable design, there is no need to purchase new timing tags for each event. The BibTag Clip is a solution suited for use at mass events as well as smaller events. It is easily attached to the top of the bib, without the risk of slipping off.

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Benefits of the BibTag Clip

Sustainable tag solution

  • Our innovative tag is made from 100% recyclable plastic.
  • Lightweight design of only 9.3 grams.
  • With the patented shape, our tag offers a perfect combination of durability and functionality.
  • You also have the option to combine it with the ThinTag for added versatility during events.
  • Seamlessly integrated with the BSD system.

Affordable and easy handling

  • Sustainable tag solution for your event needs.
  • Our reusable tag requires a yearly fee for access to its features.
  • The BibTag Clip helps lower costs in the long run.
  • Easy logistics and handling at events.

Compatible with the BibTag System


Glenn Grant - Owner of ChampionChip Ireland

‘I recently had the pleasure of using the MYLAPS BibTag clip in a race with approximately 400 participants and I was thoroughly impressed. The performance of the BibTag Clips was excellent with 100% detection rates. For this event the chips were handed out already attached to the bibs which ensured the registration process was seamless.

What stood out to me was the durability of the BibTag clip. Despite the challenging conditions of the race, including starting and finishing at the top of a hill, not a single chip came loose and every chip was returned intact, with none missing.

The feedback from the runners was overwhelmingly positive. Nobody had any complaints about the size or functionality of the BibTag clip, and many appreciated its reusable nature.

I can confidently say that the MYLAPS BibTag clip exceeded all expectations, proving its reliability and effectiveness even in the toughest of race conditions. I highly recommend it to any race organizer or participant looking for a hassle-free, reusable and dependable timing solution.’

Matt Terry - Co-owner at Wire2Wire Running

‘We have thoroughly enjoyed the use of the new Bibtag clips over the course of the past year! They have been a game changer for us in terms of timing mass race events like cross-country and/or a 5K where there are “teams” involved that allow for the return of the clips.

Additionally, it has done wonders to increase overall race profitability and they have performed seamlessly just as if they were thin tags on the back of Bib. We would highly recommend them in terms of their cost-effectiveness for use in repetitive races like cross country and 5K!’

How does it work?

Step 1

Assign the BibTag Clip to a participant by matching the tag number with the bib

Step 2

Clip the BibTag Clip on the bib.

Step 3

Remove the BibTag Clip from the bib, collect and re-use!


Contact us about BibTag Clip

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want a personal consultation about the best timing system for your situation.

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