X2 Link

In motorsport split-second decisions based on the correct information are of vital importance. With X2 Link race control can send 2-way data via the proprietary wireless radio frequency system to all the vehicles on the track.

Live 2-way communication

Do you know where all the vehicles are at all times on your track? Or need to communicate important flagging information to all the racers?

The X2 Link system allows you to do just that, and much more! X2 Link communicates wirelessly between race control, timing room and racers on the track through radio frequency.

  • Live track positioning of all vehicles
  • On-board marshaling system
  • Spot potential danger
  • Live / Record / Replay positioning for officials
  • Show live positions of all vehicles to spectators, online followers & pit crews
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How does it work?

The X2 Link system consists of two components, trackside and vehicle setup.  Both setups are in constant communication with each other and send/receive race data via radio frequency.

Trackside setup:

  • X2 Server & Decoder
  • Detection loop
  • X2 BaseLink
  • Orbits 5.3
  • Speedhive feed (data sharing & support purposes)

The Baselink sends and receives all RF communication as part of X2 Link allowing vehicles to receive:

  • Downlink timer information (live results)
  • Uplink location (GPS) information (tracking functionality)

Vehicle setup:

The X2 RaceLink is installed on the vehicle, and sends/receives race data via radio frequency to and from the BaseLink.

There are 2 types of X2 RaceLink’s:

    • X2 RaceLink Club
    • X2 RaceLink Pro

Live Tracking

The X2 Link’s Live Track positioning ensures that you have a clear understanding of what’s happening on the track with all vehicles using GPS.

Improve the race experience for spectators by broadcasting live vehicle positioning and speeds on trackside screens.


On-board Marshaling

Send flagging information instantly to everyone at the same time with the X2 RaceLink Club.

  • Send basic flags to all vehicles on the track (green / yellow / red / finish)
  • Flagging via integrated LED Bar
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Send and Receive Live Data

  • Get insights in race and vehicle performance
  • Pit crew can monitor individual and overall performance during the race
  • Zoom in on specific racers to see live speed and vehicle performance to help scrutineering and ensure fair play (speed limits: code 60, virtual safety car, pit speed)
  • Broadcast live data to spectators, online followers & pit crews

Trackside Setup

X2 Server & X2 Decoder

The X2 Server is the beating heart of the system. All components are connected to and controlled from this core device. Meanwhile the X2 Decoder collects data from the detection loops which captures the signals that are sent via the TR2 Transpondet

X2 BaseLink

The X2 BaseLink ensures that you can accurately track live positions and send/receive messages to the vehicles on the circuit. Install multiple X2 BaseLinks on the track to get full-track coverage.

X2 Link Manager

The X2 Link Manager is the only track management program you need to monitor your entire system. At a glance you have full insight into vehicle positioning, marshalling, speed measurement and diagnostics of X2 RaceLink on the track.

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Vehicle Setup

The sky is the limit

Are you interested in the X2 Link system, or do you want more information?

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