X2 Link components

X2 Link works with the X2 System. It consists of the X2 BaseLink, which is installed at the track, and the X2 Racelink, which is mounted on every vehicle.
X2 Link 15

The X2 System

X2 Link components work with X2 System and require at least an X2 Server and one or more detection loops to be installed. Also using Orbits 5 timing software is required to take full advantage of the possibilities of the X2 System.


X2 BaseLinkX2 BaseLink and Multi BaseLink | MYLAPS

The BaseLink sends out radio frequency signals, which are picked up by the X2 RaceLink antennas mounted on each vehicle. The BaseLink is installed at the start/finish line, on a position with a maximum line of sight, for instance on top of a finish arch. This will ensure an optimized wireless connection with the RaceLink installed at the vehicles. The BaseLink connects to the LoopBox, which also powers the BaseLink. The Ethernet port connection to the LoopBox ensures a high-quality signal.

Multi BaseLink setups

With a Multi BaseLink setup, you can cover the complete track, no matter what size, height difference, and terrain. Several X2 BaseLinks can be linked together and controlled by race control. Depending on the layout, environment, and location the number of X2 BaseLinks required may vary.

  • Full GPS tracking coverage
  • Live results updates at the complete track

X2 Multi BaseLink setup | MYLAPS


X2 Multi BaseLink and SDK 4.0

With the new X2 Server Firmware 4.0 and SDK 4.0 it is  also possible to create a GPS tracking feed in your own, custom-built software.

X2 RaceLink

MYLAPS X2 LinkVia the X2 RaceLink add-on, racers will be able to receive 2-way communication into their vehicles. RaceLink works with MYLAPS X2 Direct Power Transponders. Live race data will be displayed on an onboard display. X2 Link offers additional features and is not required to do timekeeping only. However, we do encourage tracks and series to offer X2 Link as it adds to the racing experience of racers.

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