One of the main benefits of the X2 System is the connectivity. Online support can directly be delivered through the internet and apps can be created through the SDK.

Always Online

X2 systems are always connected to the internet. Having the X2 System connected to the internet allows online and mobile applications to connect for data distribution without intervening with data acquisition and timekeeping. MYLAPS practice is the best known example for many racers.


We understand that timing systems are vital to the success of any race. Therefore we have a dedicated support team to provide 24/7 service. With X2 we can provide online support.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SDK that comes with X2 enables timekeepers to develop customized software and applications on X2 data. The data is available in real time and can be used for building all sorts of applications.

Even though the Orbits 5 software offers extensive packages, you might be looking for those additional features which are specific for your type of racing. The SDK makes it easy to extract the right and real-time data from the X2 system and build your own application.

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