X2 Server, Decoder and Detection Loops

The basic X2 System consists of several high quality parts. X2 Components include the X2 Server, the X2 Decoder and the Detection Loop.

X2 System Components

The X2 System consists of several high quality parts. The X2 System Components include:


MYLAPS-X2-Server x2 componentsThe beating heart: X2 Server

All X2 components are connected to the X2 server. This center piece is the connection to the X2 Cloud and controls the entire system. The X2 Utility can be used to control the X2 server. The server has a built-in practice mode that allows automatic uploads of practice results to mylaps.com.


MYLAPS-X2-decoder x2 componentsThe X2 Decoder

The decoder determines the exact time at which each transponder passes the detection loops. The decoder sends this data to the server.


Detection loop and Coax

Detection loops are embedded in the track’s surface at the start and finish line and at intermediate timing points along the track. A detection loop works as the system’s antenna. It picks up signals from the transponders and passes them through to the decoder. The detection loops for X2 are similar to TranX detection loops. When you switch to X2 you don´t have to install new loops.



TrackSensors can be installed with the detection loops. These sensors give you access to even more data and statistics, such as the temperature of the track and the status of the loop.

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