Sportstats chooses MYLAPS for IRONMAN timing

MYLAPS Sports Timing and Sportstats USA announce a 3-year agreement to use MYLAPS timing technology at all IRONMAN races across North and South America. This means that all triathletes of these IRONMAN events will be ensured of the latest developments in timekeeping.


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MYLAPS and Sportstats have worked together for almost 25 years. Founded in 1982, MYLAPS is the inventor of automatic sports timing and develops technology that is used all over the world, from the Olympics and MotoGP to countless local races. Sportstats USA is a leading timing company and the official timing partner for all IRONMAN events and 70.3 races in North America, including IRONMAN World Triathlon Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Sportstats has been scoring IRONMAN races since 1997.

ProChip system with accuracy up to 0.003 seconds
To meet the high standards of IRONMAN races, Sportstats relies on the MYLAPS ProChip system, the standard for high-speed sports with an accuracy up to 0.003 seconds. The newly launched ProChip Smart Decoder is the smallest and lightest timing decoder in the industry.

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Best timing equipment combined with refined working methods
‘We combine the best timing equipment in the business with our knowledge and refined working methods to provide industry-leading service’, says Sportstats CEO Marc Roy. ‘Accurate and reliable timing data are a crucial element of the race experience for participants and their followers. The iconic IRONMAN series deserves state of the art timing technology, therefore we rely on the proven MYLAPS ProChip system.’

Creating the ultimate sports experience
Mike Schmitz, Managing Director of MYLAPS Americas: ‘At MYLAPS we strive to offer the ultimate sports experience to athletes, followers and events. Many IRONMAN race directors and participants are familiar with the MYLAPS timing technology, that have been used at several IRONMAN races across the globe. We are excited that our partner Sportstats chooses MYLAPS to offer the best timing experience for all IRONMAN triathletes across North and South America.’

About Sportstats
Founded in 1991, Sportstats has become one of the largest timing companies in the world timing 1.5 million participants per year at 1300+ events. With offices in Canada, USA, Mexico and Asia, Sportstats is leading the way in the Endurance Sports world and Live results.

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