RC4 Decoder & Detection Loop

The RC4 decoder connects to the detection loops embedded in the track and to a computer with RC4 compatible software.
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RC4 Decoder


The RC4 Decoder determines the exact time at which each transponder passes the detection loops. The decoder sends this data the timekeeper’s computer. The decoder has a built-in practice mode that allows automated uploads of practice results to mylaps.com, without the need of a timekeeper. Please note all new RC4 Decoders come with Firmware 4.5.


RC Detection Loop


RC4 Detection loops are embedded in the track’s surface at the start and finish line and at intermediate timing points along the track. A detection loop works as the system’s antenna. It picks up signals from the transponders and passes them through to the decoder.

Detection loops can simply be embedded in pretty much all types of track and surface. They function in snow, mud, dirt, tarmac – even in ice. MYLAPS loops are highly durable and will last a long time.


RC3 decoder check for RC4 features

With this check you can see if your MYLAPS RC3 decoder is ready for RC4 features. You can find the serial number of the decoder on a sticker at the back of your decoder or by using the dot button on the front of your decoder.






RC Compatibility Table

Below you will find the decoder compatibility of your RC transponder.

RC4 Decoder & Detection Loop 4


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