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Experience the future of racing! MYLAPS X2 Pro is the most advanced data platform for professional racing. X2 Pro introduces 2-way communication: the possibilities become endless.

The timing and data system for professional racing series

MYLAPS X2 Pro is the most advanced data platform. The main new feature is 2-way communication, which enables transmission of messages and status info from and to the racer. When a track has multiple loops, the options of receiving and sending information become endless. With the MYLAPS software development kit you are able to create fully customized applications.

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How does it work

2-way communication

MYLAPS X2 Pro - Track ManagementWhen a transponder crosses a detection loop it not only sends information via the loop to the system, but the transponder can receive information from the system as well. This 2-way communication opens up a world of possibilities as it makes far more diagnostics and data accessible.

Multiple loops

We designed X2 Pro to work optimally when more than one detection loop on a track is used. When a track has multiple loops, the options become endless.
Each detection loop can receive and send information to and from the vehicle that crosses it. This could for instance automatically show a yellow flag on the racer’s onboard display when danger occurs or predict lap times.

  • Make racing significantly safer
  • Consistent level of safety at every event
  • Automated camera tracking system

Develop customized applications

X2 Pro introduces the MYLAPS Software Development Kit (SDK). With the SDK you are able to create fully customized applications.

Some examples of what is possible.

Get the best out of each racer

  • Make a complete video lap analysis with all important car parameters

Racers receive live data via onboard display

  • Flag signaling
  • Race and qualifying positions
  • Lap split times

Regulation enforcement

  • Detect jumpstarts
  • Pit lane speed and pit stop time measurement
  • Car performance data

X2 Pro Accessories

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The sky is the limit

Each race track and racing series is different and therefore has specific needs. X2 Pro introduces the SDK to facilitate you with the possibility to fully customize the system to meet your needs and preferences.

Examples of what is possible:

  • Automatically detect overtaking under yellow flag
  • Noise management
  • Integrate Push to Pass system
  • Monitor car performance data
  • Automated flagging
  • Flag signaling via onboard display
  • Camera tracking
  • Pit lane speed measurements
  • Control of rear lights on motorbikes

X2 Pro Track Management


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