TR2 Transponder 10

TR2 Promo Pack

On this page you will find all the marketing materials you will need to launch a successful TR2 Transponder campaign.

To help you sell all the transponders as quickly as possible we’ve created a special high-converting promotion pack. The TR2 Transponder Promo Pack is specially created to help you market and sell the TR2 Transponders. Please use the materials made available for you.

The Promo Pack includes:

  • MYLAPS Logos
  • TR2 Product Images
  • Instagram and Facebook Ads
TR2 Transponder 29

Product images

The product images will allow you to create your own promotional material, with your own logos and branding. We ask you not to change the product image in any shape or form as it will become unrecognizable.

TR2 Transponder 25


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