Board of Directors

MYLAPS Sports Timing has its headquarters in the Netherlands with sales and support offices in the USA, Australia, Malaysia and Japan. MYLAPS is part of the portfolio of HAL investments. These are the members of our Board of Directors


Bas van Rens

Chief Executive Officer
Bas van Rens is CEO of MYLAPS Sports Timing since 2007. Next to the overall management of MYLAPS, the marketing and product development departments report to Bas. Prior to MYLAPS, Bas was CEO at OTB Display, founder and General Manager of Polymer Vision (venture in the Philips Technology Incubator) and Business Development and Strategy Manager at Philips Research. Bas holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Medical Technology (Eindhoven University of Technology), a PhD in Numerical Mechanics (Eindhoven University) and a Master of Business Administration (Rotterdam School of Management).



Rob Verbeek

Chief Financial Officer

Rob Verbeek joined the Board of Directors of MYLAPS in 2010 and is responsible for finance and administration of the company. In addition to his CFO role, Rob also has responsibility for the IT department. Prior to MYLAPS, Rob gained many years of professional experience as Director of Finance for NH Hoteles and before that as accountant at Deloitte. Rob holds his master’s degree in Business Administration (Twente University) and is Certified Public Accountant (University of Amsterdam)



Margreet Brenkman

Global Director of Sales

Margreet Brenkman joined the Board of Directors of MYLAPS in 2016 and is responsible for all Global Sales activities. Prior to MYLAPS, Margreet was Sales Director for the Financial Services Industries and leading the Partner Organization at Microsoft. Margreet studied International Business and Languages in Rotterdam leading to a Bachelor of Economics degree and a Master Business Administration at Warwick Business School in Birmingham/UK.



John Verwoerd

Chief Technology Officer

John Verwoerd joined the Board of Directors of MYLAPS in 2009 and is responsible for the technology and operations department. Prior to MYLAPS, John served as Chief Operations Officer of OTB display and Development Manager at VDL. John holds a degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (College of Rotterdam).





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