With the BrandScan we introduce new technology to increase event insights and engagement. Through artificial intelligence combined with our proven PhotoVideo solution we can now share insights on running gear and shoes.

Brand insights    Sponsor Value  Consumer trends

Offer your brands and sponsors the possibility to gain insight in the use of their brands during your event. With a brand new technology we are now able to measure the use gear and shoes of different brands by your participants. This will help you get insight in sponsor value and customer trends.

  • Analyze brand preference across events
  • Gain perspective on marketing ROI for event partnerships
  • Get insights on brand preference based on gender, age, finish time and other participant characteristics

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How does it work?

Current methods of shoe counts & post race surveys do not get the job done. That’s why we are using technology and data that we already have access to, to develop a more meaningful understanding of consumer trends.

With the BrandScan we aim to gain insight into the brand preferences among targeted age-groups & the impact of sponsorships on gear selection over time. And this is how:

  • We use  photos & videos that are already being taken by MYLAPS at events.
  • We unlock athlete data using Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze the body as it moves.
  • The BrandScan identifies apparel by color, type, & brand.
  • The services meet all GDPR compliance regulations as set forth by the European Union.

Shoe BrandScan

We bring shoe count into the 21st century. Shoe identification reveals shoe brand preferences during events. Reports break out specific details on shoe brand preferences across demographic groups, events, & geography. Compare pre & post event data and gain perspective on marketing ROI for event partnerships.

Gear BrandScan

Footware is only a piece of the puzzle. Gear identification helps you see the bigger picture. Identify apparel by color, type, & brand. Get insight on accessories, including wearables, headphones, & hydration. Custom models can be created to align with brand objectives

Track Sponsorship Impact

Event series reports enable brands to track the impact of their sponsorship across multiple races & years.

  • EVENT OVERVIEW: Top level analytics about the race participants.
  • GRAPHS & CHARTS: A flexible way to create a story across key data points (& look at trending over time)
  • BRAND RANKING: An easy table that ranks the brands by shoe or apparel preferences
  • BRAND ANALYSIS: A snapshot of a single brand across multiple data points

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