The quickest and most accurate photo bib tagging technology in the market! Athletes get their photos the day of the event (sometimes during the event) instead of waiting days for their photos.​


Sponsor Value  Event Experience

When athletes get their photos more quickly, they are more likely to share the official event photo that contains sponsor/event logos.​

Create a new revenue stream by offering a photo sponsorship or increases media value for existing sponsors. ​

  • Athletes love how fast they get their photos. 
  • Sponsors love the increased exposure.
  • Event organizers love how easy it is to use.

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How does RunnerTag work?


  1. Photographers upload photos into the RunnerTag web-based dashboard.
  2. Bib numbers are assigned using computer vision and artificial intelligence.​
  3. The overlay of sponsor and event logos is applied.​
  4. Photos are instantly published to a gallery where they can be found by name, bib number, or selfie search*.​

RunnerTag was custom made for the running industry and does not require QR Codes or face recognition to work.​

* selfie search is currently not available to events in the EMEA region


All of the features available in the RunnerTag Gallery:

  • Athletes can search by name or bib number
  • Find more images by using the search with selfie feature (currently not available to events in the EU)
  • Customizable color scheme
  • Displays sponsor and organizer logos
  • The ability to directly link to athlete’s photos from an email or external results platform
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Email sharing


All of the features available in the RunnerTag Dashboard:

  • Manage all events in one location
  • Customize the photo gallery
  • Review gallery engagement analytics
  • Create and edit the photo logo overlay
  • Drag & drop photo uploading
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Lonnie Somers, HAL Sports

“What used to take our photographers hours to do, is now done in minutes. Saving us time and money while creating higher runner engagement.”

Alan Higley, Precision Race Results

“The process of creating the event is very easy. The Race Directors and participants have been very happy to see tagged photos within minutes after the last finishers have come in!”

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