Full X2 Race Control installation at Tor Poznań

We're very proud to announce that, together with Automobilklub Wielkopolski, we've just completed a full X2 Race Control installation at Tor Poznań, one of the leading circuits in Poland.


Tor Poznań has now become one of the most technological advanced racing circuits in the world by enhancing their safety protocols for drivers, riders, and circuit personnel with the X2 Race Control system, including the MYLAPS Light Panels (FIA & FIM Grade 2 homologated).


Full X2 Race Control installation at Tor Poznań 14The Poznań circuit is equipped with the latest X2 Race Control products, so now, using real-time GPS location data, they can control all the action happening on the circuit.

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14 MYLAPS light panels have been installed along the track to clearly inform racers of the latest track status. Marshalls can easily manage the flags shown on the light panels with the X2 LED Panel Controllers. “We are proud to announce that “Poznań” Circuit has become one of the most modern circuits in the world”, says Bartosz Bieliński, President of Automobilklub Wielkopolski.


“We have equipped our facility with the best available timing system and the latest Race Management system approved by the international federations FIA and FIM.”


Bartosz Bieliński: “All marshal posts have been equipped with LED panels, wireless tablets for panels to be operated by marshals. The system is additionally expanded with GPS antennas with transmitters, thanks to which we will be able to track every car and motorcycle on the track. Everything is combined into one track and race management system.”

Full X2 Race Control installation at Tor Poznań“Last weekend I was the Race Director during the 1st and 2nd round of the Polish Motor Racing Championship at “Poznań” Circuit”, says Sławomir Pytlak, Race director of “Poznań” Circuit. “The X2 Race Control system from MYLAPS helped me in my duties as the Race Director. The system turned out to be very intuitive and fulfilled the expectations. The system helps to quickly detect threats and prepare safety procedures while receiving messages from marshals. The observation post marshals also quickly learned how to use the new device and signaled the threat in a timely manner. I’m looking forward to the next racing weekend and the opportunity to interact with the system.


Full X2 Race Control installation at Tor Poznań 15

Upgrade your own circuit with X2 Race Control

MYLAPS X2 Race Control is a fully integrated solution to control all the action happening on the track, using real-time data (GPS location and vehicle data) to enhance the safety of personnel and racers on the track. And with the soon-to-be-released CCTV integration and stop detection features, you’ll be able to do even more with X2 Race Control.

X2 Race Control is a modular system, meaning that you can select the components that suit the needs of your circuit. The system consists of 4 pillars, tracking, marshalling, advanced track management and live data.

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