We try to minimize our impact on the environment. Our products are extremely durable. Over the years we have introduced many innovations focused on sustainability.



MYLAPS products are built to last.

Durability is key in our product development. Our products can be used for many years in all weather circumstances.

Although even we are surprised to find MYLAPS products still in use after more than two decades!

Timing & Scoring version 2.7 and BibTag Firmware version 4.8 released 1
MYLAPS Productions Office

Product innovation


Our active and motorsports products are developed to have minimal impact on the environment. Many products can be re-used year after year, minimizing waste. Whether it’s a detection mat, ProChip or motorsports transponder: our products are extremely durable.

For our disposable products we work with degradable materials.

From briefing to mass production, in every step of the production process our people consider the impact on the environment.

Carbon Neutral Company


From 2022 MYLAPS operates carbon neutral. In addition to our reduction efforts, we compensate for all leftover CO2 emissions through the Katingan Mentaya Project.

This project protects vital peatland habitats in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The protected area is home to between 5 and 10% of the global populations of the Bornean Orangutan, Proboscis Monkey and Southern Bornean Gibbon.

Learn more on the Katingan Mentaya Project.

Innovations to minimize environmental impact



ThinTags are 75% thinner than regular tags. This results in less waste and less shipment space, which has a positive impact on carbon emissions during transport
Our patented sponge foam is made of natural fiber, which is fully degradable. Even our glue is 100% naturally degradable
BibTag mats are extremely durable and made of natural rubber
EasyMat: lower weight and volume compared to regular mats. Less CO2 emission during transport and fewer products required for production



Chips are extremely durable and are reusable
✔ ProChip Smart Decoder: smaller and more effective energy household. Battery is lead free
Event organizers can use chips owned by timer or ask athletes to bring their own chips



Transponders available with 1, 2, 5 years or life-time subscription: can be used for many years and can also be used by multiple drivers
Transponders available specifically developed for electric vehicles (Formula E or electric karts)
Speedhive mobile app & website: No need to print results anymore, all practice & race results available online
95-98% of our packaging is made of paper

EasyMat 6

Way of working


In our day-to-day work processes we try to minimize the impact on the environment.

Our offices are energy efficient and all our employees know how to save on waste.

All people working at MYLAPS are aware of sustainability and are challenged to embed this in their daily work.

Environmental awareness at our offices



Waste separation/recycling at Production Office (iron, copper, batteries, aluminum, PCBs)
Waste separation (organic, plastic, paper, residual) in all Haarlem offices
✔ Sustainable disposal of cell phones and IT equipment
✔ Paper/carton recycling at HQ



Employees can use NS Business card to travel by train and bike
MYLAPS bicycles are available to travel carbon-free
Offices have charging stations for electric cars
Our people can work anywhere with access to all IT tools, which reduces travelling


Energy efficiency

Haarlem offices use renewable wind energy
Nearby sourcing and manufacturing (in The Netherlands and even locally in Haarlem)
Shipment frequency to offices reduced to weekly rather than ad-hoc


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