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Mountain biking

Battling the elements on a bike, at great heights or often at great speeds, is a unique way to get in shape and enjoy the outdoors. In mountain biking there are many different disciplines, that all require a different timing approach. For every condition and MTB discipline, MYLAPS Sports Technology has the best MTB race timing system that fits your needs, be it cross country, trail riding, enduro or cyclo-cross.

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MTB race timing system for all disciplines

High speed accuracy ✔  Suitable for multiple disciplines ✔  Both ProChip and BibTag available 

Timekeeping at MTB events is a huge challenge. Events can take place at rough terrains and sometimes under demanding weather conditions.

At times MTB races can be visited by thousands of mountain bikers, who are up for a challenge and a fun day. Whereas, professional mountain bikers reach high speeds while having to be measured at an accuracy of 1/1000th of a seconds. With these challenging conditions, events, clubs and timers simply need a system on which they can rely at all times.

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Timing systems

We have two MTB timing systems for active sport, with the highest quality read-rates in the industry.

ProChip Setup

The ProChip Smart Decoder is the new standard in portable timing decoders. The decoder is 2.5x smaller, 6x lighter and 3x more affordable than the previous ProChip Portable Decoder, while maintaining all of the functionality and even adding features.

Because of it’s small size the ProChip Smart Decoder fits in your carry-on luggage, so it makes your logistics a lot easier. To time a race all you need is the ProChip Smart Decoder, a loop, ProChips, a laptop with Timing & Scoring and you are good to go!


ProChip Smart Decoder 15

Detection loops are installed in the track, at the start, finish line and intermediate time points. The loops work as the system’s antennas, they pick up the ProChips signals.

The detection loop can be installed in every type of surface.

  • Asphalt or concrete (not permanent): Use industrial quality adhesive tape to affix the loop to the course. Make sure you use high quality tape to secure the loop to the road.
  • Ice: Cut slots of approximately 2 cm (1inch) deep in the ice, embed the loop wires and fill with water. Make sure to do this well in advance of an event, as the water will need some time to freeze.
  • Snow: cut slots in the snow, approximately 20 cm (8 inch) deep. Place the loop wires in the slot and fill them with snow.

The ProChip Timer is the newest addition to the ProChip System. Together with the ProChip Communicator it is the fastest manageable timing chip in bulk. Try it now.

Manage and activate your ProChips in bulk

ProChip Timer is a timing solution for timers who have to manage a large number of chips at once. The bulk-activation functionality of the ProChip, in combination with the ProChip Communicator, makes the process of checking and activating ProChips smooth and effortless. You always know what ProChips are ready for the next event and which ones you need to update.

ProChip Timer 4

The ProChip is the proven reliable chip with an upgraded processor. It has the best in class read-rates, high speed accuracy and it is used at all A level events in the world. Each chip is unique which guarantees athlete identification up to 0.003 seconds.

To use the chip in races, you need an active 1, 2 or 5 year subscription, that you can activate with the ProChip Communicator in MYLAPS Connect.

The ProChip comes with a practice option, for facilities where a ProChip System is installed. In practice mode it is possible to effortlessly use the system, with automated online training data.

Why ProChip Timer?

The ProChip Timer is designed to make it easier to manage and update your ProChips in one overview.

Pros of the ProChip Timer:

  • Easy bulk activation & mass subscription renewal
  • Best in class read-rates and high speed accuracy up to 0.003 seconds
  • Wireless management of your battery-powered ProChips
  • Clear overview of ProChips owned, status and subscription wallet via
  • Compatible with the proven ProChip System


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ProChip System 7

ProChips can be used at many different types of sports. They come with ankle strap for use at triathlons, swimming and more.

The ultimate system for high-speed elite sports

All athletes have a ProChip FLEX attached to their ankle/wrist strap or bike in order to identify each participant and to record the exact time at which they pass the start, finish and intermediate time lines. Each ProChip sends out a unique signal to the ProChip system that is embedded in the track.

The ProChip FLEX: used for many different sports

The ProChip Flex can be used for many different types of sports. They come with ankle strap for use at triathlons, swimming and more. When used at cycling events it is recommended to mount the ProChip FLEX on the bicycle’s front fork, as close as possible to the front axle, by using cable ties.


Every MYLAPS ProChip FLEX comes with a subscription for 1, 2 or 5 years. After the initial subscription period, the subscription can be renewed.

  • Timing Resolution: 0.003 sec
  • Density: 4800 chips/minute
  • Housing: Water- and shockproof
  • Numbers available: unlimited

MYLAPS ProChips are highly durable and can even be washed in your washing machine!

Speed Skating & Short track 2

Timing a race and creating reliable results, is a challenging task. Pick the software that is most fitting to your timing needs. The Software options for MTB with ProChip are:

Mountain biking 27
  • Basic system component
  • Full experience
  • Flexible component

BibTag Setup

The BibTag Smart Decoder is the nextgeneration BibTag decoder. The light and small design is unlike any other decoder in the active mass timing industry. A product with the MYLAPS premium quality in performance when it comes to read rates, accuracy, density, and trustworthiness.

Enjoy the great usability experience when operating the BibTag Smart Decoder with a multi-color display, more intuitive controls as well as the lid window and side warning-LEDs.

Our decoder utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure accurate and real-time timing data capture. The high-performance system guarantees precise detection of participants, in all kinds of sports and event sizes. The BibTag Smart Decoder is fully compatible with the current BibTag portfolio.

Detection mats are placed at the start, finish and split timing locations. The mats serve as the system’s antennas as they detect the signals sent out by the BibTags. We offer modular mats that allow you to create timing locations between 1 and 8 meters wide per system.

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The BibTag system comes with different tags. These tags are designed for different weather conditions, or types of sports. Pick the tag that suits your needs best and your timing system is ready for your next event.

Read more on tags

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The decoder is attached to the mats and decodes the BibTag signals into the athletes IDs and their measured times. Portable decoders have an integrated battery and can measure up to 50 BibTag passings per second.

The system is especially designed for mass events and can handle a high density of athletes.

The innovative design and strength of BibTag hardware provides you the best read rates in the industry, with a single ThinTag and standard SideAntenna setup. The SideAntenna frame stands low on the ground and the antennas allow you to place your BibTag decoder on the back of the frame making the setup compact and easy to handle.

Road Cycling 16
  • Basic system component
  • Full experience
  • Flexible component

BibTag or ProChip

If you are timing a MTB event, it is depending on the type of event, what MTB race timing system would work best for you: a BibTag or a ProChip system setup.

Mountain biking

BibTag for mass events

The BibTag is well-suited for recreational & mass MTB events. It is built to handle a large number of cyclists as the timing tags, which can be mounted onto the bike’s handlebar plates, can simply be distributed and are disposable. The system works under the most demanding conditions, it is weatherproof and can easily be used at rugged terrains.

Road Cycling 19

ProChip for high speed races

The ProChip system is highly accurate, the times are measured up to 1/1000th of a second. It easily points out the winner, even in the closest finishes. The system can handle speeds up to 75 km/h (±46 mph) – invaluable at (professional) mountain biking races. Additionally, it's suitable for fixed solutions such as a permanent track or bike park.


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Environmental Impact


At MYLAPS, we prioritize minimizing our environmental impact through constant innovation. Since 2022, MYLAPS has become a carbon neutral company. Our product development focuses on durability, enabling our products to be used for extended periods in any weather.

The ProChips are reusable and resilient, allowing event organizers to reduce waste by using owned chips or encouraging athletes to bring their own. The ProChip Smart Decoder is smaller, more energy-efficient, and uses lead-free batteries. Our ThinTags, BibTag mats, and EasyMats are designed to be long-lasting and compact.


Our Responsibility

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you want a personal consultation about the best MTB race timing system for your event.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pro-cyling race, a mass event, track cycling or MTB, you always want the best equipment. MYLAPS Sports Technology provides you with the most accurate systems out there. Consult us about what solution suits your situation and don’t forget to check the customer stories or the system specifics.

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