End of life products

This page presents an overview of MYLAPS products that are no longer being sold and might not be supported. Click on the product link -when available- for more information.

  • End of sales: Products are no longer available for sales
  • End of Support: Products do not receive maintenance updates and product is no longer managed by the support channels
  • End of Service: Products cannot be repaired

ProductEnd of SalesEnd of supportEnd of service
RS485 for ChampionChip 1-1-20171-1-2017
2K finishline camera 1-1-2019
ToolkitFor BibTag usage: 16-12-2015 Not scheduled for ChampionChip and ProChip
TranX 3 Personal Transponder
RC4 Pro iOS app
Rentix Software1-1-2018
ChampionChip TimePoint 1-1-20171-1-2020
TranX 2 Transponders
TranX 2 Decoder
TranX 2 Transponder accessories 1-1-2018
TranX 2 Charger cases
TranX 3 Decoder 1-6-20171-6-2019
TnetX onboard display (1G + 2G) 1-1-2019
TnetX Host 1-1-2019
Data Collector Software 1-6-20171-1-2020
Orbits 1 Software
Orbits 2 Software
Orbits 3 Software
Sparc 1 Software
Sparc 2 Software 1-1-20171-1-2020
RC 2 Transponders 1-1-2017
RC 2 Decoders 1-1-2017
ChampionChip DigiBox 1
ChampionChip Timing Kit
ChampionChip Ear 1
ChampionChip low density mat1-1-2020
ChampionChip new light weight mat1-1-2020
ChampionChip mat version 1
TranX Looptrigger 1-1-2018
ChampionChip mini reader
AMB 130 Rental Kart