MATSPORT chooses MYLAPS to offer most accurate timing

The world’s best cyclists will experience the latest timing technology at several iconic races in 2024. French timing company MATSPORT and MYLAPS Sports Technology are excited to announce a long-term agreement, bringing the most accurate timing technology to the highest level in international cycling and to mass sports events across Europe.

Professional cyclists are used to having high demands when it comes to their equipment. This year the elite riders will experience the most accurate timing chip on their bikes. Based in France, MATSPORT offers timing services to many sports events all over Europe: from road cycling to running, and from triathlon to wintersports, and many more.


ProChip & BibTag technology – the standard in sports timing

Founded in 1982, MYLAPS is the inventor of automatic sports timing and develops technology that is used all over the world, from the Olympics, major marathons and NASCAR to countless local races. To offer state of the art timing services in high-speed sports, MATSPORT relies on the proven ProChip technology, an active timing system for high-speed sports with an accuracy up to 0.003 second. These durable chips are reusable, so event organizers can save on waste. The ProChip Smart Decoder is the smallest and lightest timing decoder in the industry. For mass events MATSPORT uses BibTag technology with affordable chips and the highest read-rates in the industry. ThinTags are 75% thinner than regular tags. This results in less waste and less shipment space, which has a positive impact on carbon emissions during transport.


Partnership with global leader in sports timing

‘We are thrilled to work together with the global leader in sports timing’, says says Bruno Cordier, CEO at MATSPORT. ‘We can’t wait to start offering premium chip and transponder timing to all our sports events, athletes and fans.’


Creating the ultimate sports experience

Mike Terpstra, Team lead Active Sports at MYLAPS EMEA: ‘At MYLAPS we strive to offer the ultimate sports experience to athletes, followers and events. We have a passion for sports and cycling, and it’s great to see that MATSPORT has that same passion. We are excited that MATSPORT chooses our technology to offer the best timing experience to the world’s best athletes. We look forward to working together in the coming years.’



Specializing in timing, MATSPORT measures performance, develops TV display solutions and distributes technological timing and display equipment. The company is organized in 2 departments: MATSPORT Services, dedicated to the provision of services in sport and MATSPORT Timing for timing and Photo-finish solutions. MATSPORT is located in the heart of the first French technopole “Inovallée” in Saint Ismier, and works mainly on international sporting events and for world-renowned organizers, like A.S.O., ATOS, and FFA.

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