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RC & Drone System

The MYLAPS RC4 Timing System measures lap times, connected voltage and ambient car temperature. It is used by indoor and outdoor RC races.

RC racing 2

High speed accuracy   For model cars, boats & drones  ✔  Small & light transponders

Keeping track of lap times and race positions is tough in events as fast as RC races. The timing system is automated and optimized for radio controlled vehicle racing. It is easy to set up and to manage.  It is used for indoors and outdoors with a variety of model cars and model boats.

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Timing Setup

The MYLAPS RC4 timing system not only shows lap time information, but also measures performance data such as connected voltage and ambient car temperature. Check out the full system setup:

All vehicles on the track are equipped with MYLAPS transponders in order to identify the racer and record their results.

Every RC vehicle has an RC transponder installed, that sends out a unique signal to the detection loop in the track. RC Transponders are small and lightweight and have been used in the world of RC racing for many years.

RC4 Transponders are available in different versions

  • The regular RC4 Transponder gives insight into your lap times, connected voltage and ambient car temperature will improve your performance.
  • The RC4 Hybrid Transponder is similar to an RC4 Transponder, but the Hybrid is compatible with older MYLAPS Timing Systems (RC4 Transponders only work when an RC4 Timing System is installed at the track)
  • New The RC4 Pro Transponder: It’s smaller, lighter and in all-black. Learn more about the new RC4 Pro Transponder!

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The RC4 Decoder determines the exact time at which each transponder passes the detection loops. The decoder sends this data the timekeeper’s computer. The decoder has a built-in practice mode that allows automated uploads of practice results to mylaps.com, without the need of a timekeeper. Please note all new RC4 Decoders come with Firmware 4.5.

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RC4 Detection loops are embedded in the track’s surface at the start and finish line and at intermediate timing points along the track. A detection loop works as the system’s antenna. It picks up signals from the transponders and passes them through to the decoder.

Detection loops can simply be embedded in pretty much all types of track and surface. They function in snow, mud, dirt, tarmac – even in ice. MYLAPS loops are highly durable and will last a long time.


The MYLAPS RC4 System picks up signals from the transponders and decodes this data. Third-party software can create race and championship results.

Compatible RC Software

MYLAPS doesn’t offer dedicated software for the RC4 System, but several third-party RC software packages are available.

These third-party companies offer RC4 compatible software:


Every pilot owns or rents a lightweight transponder that is mounted onto the drone. The transponders send out a unique signal, so there is no video signal erroring. When pilots register the transponder to their MYLAPS Speedhive account, they get an overview of all their training and race data.

MYLAPS DR5 Transponder

MYLAPS Speedhive is the platform for racers. This is their place to check results, follow races and go faster. The platform offers personal race data and insights to racers all over the world. With the app and web services you can track races, compare results, share and increase your progress. With the live timing service spectators and fans are able to follow your race live in the MYLAPS Speedhive app.

  • Basic system component
  • Full experience
  • Optional component

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RC Transponders 2


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RC4 Pro

The world’s smallest transponder now in a pitch-black design helping you race in style. This device is compatible with all MYLAPS RC4 timing systems (with all firmware versions). Our RC transponders help you to track lap times and give better insights in your performance. You install the transponder in your RC car.

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Our RC transponders help you to track lap times and give better insights in your performance. You install the transponder in your RC car. If you race with multiple RC cars it’s convenient to install a transponder in every car. A transponder has a seven-digit number.

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DR5 Transponders for drone racing are rigid and lightweight transponders, which you can easily mount onto your drone. Every transponder has a unique number, so you can be identified by the system. All transponders send out a different signal, so an unlimited number of transponders can participate in a race simultaneously.

Pick your transponder

Are you still undecided about what transponder you need? Check out the specifications of each transponder and make your decision.

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